Saturday, April 26, 2008

Girls from San Francisco, California

California girl headed for england. rawr.

I love to go out and party and also kick back and cuddle on the couch. What I'm looking for is someone who can fill both sides. He also must be athletic. I try to keep myself in shape and I feel my guy should too. Bay area cali

Hey, I am chinses, living in america for 7 years now. I love going out and do something fun with my close friends. If you like to get to know me better just email me!!! ~xia


I am a fun loving friendly girl. And I love reading cooking tv and computers

Love singing, laughing, and sleeping. Impressed by witty comebacks, brainteasers, and playful personalities

I'm from and go to college in the bay area. I love music and movies and going out with my friends in the city. I also love baseball and the sf giants...

I'm not sure what I want to put in here. I go to school. I am obsessed with music, photography, travelling, philosophy, and art. I like meeting new people.

Im lauren 22yr,hrtbreakerrhody I'm into tall white dudes. I live in aptos ca. I believe you have to try everything once! I just had a babyboy 2weeks ago (shane) he's the only man in my life. Yes I'm single ilove the beach all year round

I'm 21 . I love doing lots of things-mini golf, pool, bowling, base jumping, sky diving, and always open to knew stuff. Ok I didn't do all of those things yet but would love to find someone willing to do it with me

I'm 20, and I'm kinda shy. Lived in the sf area all my life. I like video games, music, anime, cosplay, psychology, and history. I'm studying to become fluent in japanese. I'm just a geek. I like girls too. (that's not my xbox, btw)

I'm from santa cruz... Therefore I am weird and I love it. I'm a girl named bobbi. I play softball and I want to be a marine biologist. I'm "entertaining" as most people put it. I'm a big movie buff and music is one of my passions.

Take an app and get in line with all the others. No cutting please or you will be sent to the end of the line. J/k. Do people really use this? anyway, I'm 5'5'', 120. What else do you want to know? hmmm... Me dunno either. Good-bye!

Im actually from norcal but I'm currently in texas going to college. I play softball there and right now I'm trying to entertain myself during study hall so give me a holla.

Hi is me andrea living at san jose ca I'm 21 from ecuador and I hope to get to know some good friends here
Hey hey hey... I am just checking this out cause my studly friend is on here...And he spelled tattoo wrong! Its ok.. He's hot so I forgive him.. I'm not really looking to meet people cause there are a lot of weirdos out there !!

My name is tiffany, I'm a hairstylist and a club promoter in sf....Wanna know more, just ask me.

I am a veterinarian technician during the day and I am a fun, chill , drama free chick..I am just looking to chill 420 style. I like to do the party thing during the weekend. I also love riding on street bikes.

Northern- cali. Lovein life. With-out no kidds! No ring!. Just- family, friends. Party'$,and college.Just looking to be friends. Nothin more

I am a single 19 year old college student. Studying political science hoping to go into law some day. I like to talk to people and meet new people, so hit me up some time, lol.


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