Saturday, April 26, 2008

Erotic Adult Dating

So you have looked through all the people in your area, and are finding it a bit hard to meet them? Some sites are more geared towards 'intimate' encounters - though it will cost you! Welcome to the world of Erotic Adult Dating. There are heaps of scam sites out there; sites with no real members that just suck up your money. Your best bet is to go with one of the larger and more established sites.

Adult Friend Finder. This is the big one, the site that everyone thinks of when they get in the mood for erotic online dating! This site has over 21 million members, so has by far the most members of any erotic adult dating site. However, they have far more male members than female, so it won't be easy if you are a guy. If you are from Europe (not United Kingdom, though) then this is probably your best chance.

SexSearch This is an up-and-comer in the world of erotic adult dating. They already have over 5.7 million active members, and a huge number of women are members on the site. This site has been featured on Howard Stern, and is especially recommended if you come from the US, UK, Canada or Australia.

Girls from San Francisco, California

California girl headed for england. rawr.

I love to go out and party and also kick back and cuddle on the couch. What I'm looking for is someone who can fill both sides. He also must be athletic. I try to keep myself in shape and I feel my guy should too. Bay area cali

Hey, I am chinses, living in america for 7 years now. I love going out and do something fun with my close friends. If you like to get to know me better just email me!!! ~xia


I am a fun loving friendly girl. And I love reading cooking tv and computers

Love singing, laughing, and sleeping. Impressed by witty comebacks, brainteasers, and playful personalities

I'm from and go to college in the bay area. I love music and movies and going out with my friends in the city. I also love baseball and the sf giants...

I'm not sure what I want to put in here. I go to school. I am obsessed with music, photography, travelling, philosophy, and art. I like meeting new people.

Im lauren 22yr,hrtbreakerrhody I'm into tall white dudes. I live in aptos ca. I believe you have to try everything once! I just had a babyboy 2weeks ago (shane) he's the only man in my life. Yes I'm single ilove the beach all year round

I'm 21 . I love doing lots of things-mini golf, pool, bowling, base jumping, sky diving, and always open to knew stuff. Ok I didn't do all of those things yet but would love to find someone willing to do it with me

I'm 20, and I'm kinda shy. Lived in the sf area all my life. I like video games, music, anime, cosplay, psychology, and history. I'm studying to become fluent in japanese. I'm just a geek. I like girls too. (that's not my xbox, btw)

I'm from santa cruz... Therefore I am weird and I love it. I'm a girl named bobbi. I play softball and I want to be a marine biologist. I'm "entertaining" as most people put it. I'm a big movie buff and music is one of my passions.

Take an app and get in line with all the others. No cutting please or you will be sent to the end of the line. J/k. Do people really use this? anyway, I'm 5'5'', 120. What else do you want to know? hmmm... Me dunno either. Good-bye!

Im actually from norcal but I'm currently in texas going to college. I play softball there and right now I'm trying to entertain myself during study hall so give me a holla.

Hi is me andrea living at san jose ca I'm 21 from ecuador and I hope to get to know some good friends here
Hey hey hey... I am just checking this out cause my studly friend is on here...And he spelled tattoo wrong! Its ok.. He's hot so I forgive him.. I'm not really looking to meet people cause there are a lot of weirdos out there !!

My name is tiffany, I'm a hairstylist and a club promoter in sf....Wanna know more, just ask me.

I am a veterinarian technician during the day and I am a fun, chill , drama free chick..I am just looking to chill 420 style. I like to do the party thing during the weekend. I also love riding on street bikes.

Northern- cali. Lovein life. With-out no kidds! No ring!. Just- family, friends. Party'$,and college.Just looking to be friends. Nothin more

I am a single 19 year old college student. Studying political science hoping to go into law some day. I like to talk to people and meet new people, so hit me up some time, lol.

Girls from Phoenix, Arizona

Im just here for fun! I'm a very outgoing person! And love to have fun... So maybe we'll talk?!

Im 20 years old and just moved to phoenix from a small town in mt and I love it here. I just want to meet some new people. Smaller crowds and close friends are more my thing than the big party scene but I know how to enjoy myself. Interested?

I'm down to earth and pretty outgoing, I love meeting new people so if you want to chat click me! =)

If you need a personal trainer in phoenix please click me and anyone who likes business/networking now you've sparked my interest... Other than that I'm not looking for any low level of consciousnesses and def not hooking up.

Hey I'm shanelle, I'm 18 & I live in arizona..I'm outgoing & down to earth, I love partying, drinking, trying new things, dancing, & meeting new people! Click me if you want to chat <3

I'm one of the out-door types, although I'm not a big fan of the 112 degree desert heat. I like to hang out and party with my friends. I'm about to start my senior year of college as a criminal justice/criminology major after the end of the summer.

Hey I did this cuz I was freakin bored waiting for friends to get off work, I work at a gym and love working out. I'm from m.A. And texas. But am currently lovin az.

My name is courtnie.I come off kinda rude or you can just say I know what I want. I love a guy that can make me laugh if u can do that u got my heart.

Hi my name is star and no thats not a stage name thats my real name... I am 21 blonde and consider myself average.. U like what u see then lets chat. Sry the pic isn't the best I was a little bit buzzed lol!!!

............I'm that girl u always wanted next door..... ...

Hey I'm jamie! I love to cheerlead and dance. I love being active and staying in shape. I'm a soon to be merchandising and advertising major at nau. I love to get dressed up and go out and have a good time!

Hi my name is rae!!! I'm an easy and go with the flow kinda person. I like to have fun and live life to the fullest. I always up to meet new people so hit me up!!!

Hey, I'm 21 years old-i go out on weekends. I'm about to go to ohio to go to cedarpoint. Look it up online-you should go. I like to lay at my pool and read. I'm a fraud analyst for a large company - about to get promoted to senior analyst. Rate me high!

Eh, I'm taken... I only use this site to entertain my boredom...

I am a very fun person as long as you get on my good side. I like to go out and do the normal things a girl my age would. But if u wanna talk and want to know more about me click "yes"

I am married to the most wonderful man in the whole world! I vow to love you alone forever! All of me for all of you for all our lives! Thank you lord for christopher and for blessing us together! I love you so much baby!! Proverbs 3:5,6.

Cool chick, doing this 4 fun because I get a little bored sometimes! Real people who know how 2 have a good time are always a plus, there are way 2 many crack heads out there, ya know? when is bi going to be a choice on here, come on now, really? ;p

I'm a massage therapist. I enjoy sports, outdoors, movies, bowling, and miniture golf. I hate drama. Love to have lots of fun... Enjoy meeting new people and learning new things...

I am moving to queen creek az. On august 3rd... I cant wait to get out of portland... Tossing my rearview out the window and never looking back!

Hello my name is erica and I'm 21. I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also am very spontaneous. I like to do different things. I also love to play softball. I love to dance and party. If you want to know more then you know what to do.